• Participate in a middle school program review and adoption process for grades 6-8 NGSS aligned Science materials.

Basis for Establishment:

  • Establish a program of instruction aligned to the 2013 Washington State Learning Standards in Science (aka Next Generation Science Standards).

Decision-Making Process:

  • Advisory group to the superintendent
  • Recommend science materials for grades 6-8

Plan of Work:

  • Convene committee, establish timeline and tasks to identify instructional resources for science instruction in grades 6-8.
  • The committee will take into consideration:
  • Students with disabilities, English Learners, Students who are identified as highly capable,
  • Open educational resources
  • Alignment to state standards including the three dimensional nature of the new standards
  • Technology use and integration with 1:1 in mind
  • Assessment
  • Recent research in best practices in science instruction
  • Feedback from staff, students and parents


  • Patricia Kadel, ELL Specialist
  • Lynnelle Larson, Educational Technology Coach
  • Meagan Dawson,  Kulshan Middle School Principal
  • Parent/community member: Marit Olson, Doug Stark, Andrew Rodrigues, Don Burgess
  • 6th grade teachers: Mike Finley, Fairhaven; Megan Butcher, Kulshan; Beth Insera, Shuksan; Nicole Brown, Whatcom
  • 7th grade teachers: James Fegel, Fairhaven; Laurie Mueller, Kulshan; Will Middlebrooks, Shuksan; Sam Stoner, Whatcom
  • 8th grade teachers: Miguel Boriss, Fairhaven; Julie Bennett, Kulshan; Alli Neils-LeMoine, Shuksan; Chad Wertz, Whatcom
  • Committee facilitated by Charisse Berner and Sarah Walker
  • Ex-officio: Mike Copland, Deputy Superintendent


  • Attend meetings (9:00 AM-3:30PM)
  • Actively participate as a representative of your stakeholder group including sharing feedback and collecting information as needed


  • November 21    Clarify process/timelines, establish norms, finalize statement of vision and philosophy aligned to the Bellingham Promise, establish screening criteria
  • December 5 Begin screening materials
  • January 9 Continue to screen materials, identify no more than 3 semi-finalists, create staff, student, community feedback form
  • February 13  Publisher presentations and continue deliberations
  • March 20    Examine semi-finalists using concept trace and consider staff and community feedback
  • April 11   Final recommendations for materials. Complete IMC paperwork
  • April 24   PD planning and implementation details.

Note: some tasks will be fluid and iterative between meetings.

Budget Implications:

  • Substitute reimbursement for staff committee members to meet
  • Budget to purchase materials and provide professional development support