The District Budget Advisory Committee (DBAC) makes budget recommendations to the Superintendent and the School Board on the overall allocation of available funds in support of District General Fund programs. The Committee takes into account revenue forecasts, projected fund balance, and the equitable distribution of resources. The Committee will review all pertinent financial and operational information, as required, in order to make informed recommendations consistent with the long-term goals and priorities of the District.

Basis for Establishment

The Committee was created in an effort to bring transparency to our budget process and provide a channel for feedback from stakeholders (teachers, staff, students, parents, community).

Committee Type

The District Budget Advisory Committee is a Standing Committee that is approved to do specific work over time, it does not dissolve.

Meeting Information

The Committee meets yearly February – May.

Committee Members

Voting Members:
Elementary School Administrator
Middle School Administrator
High School Administrator
5 Teachers selected by BEA
4 Classified (Transportation, Maintenance, Food Service, Secretarial and Building Support, Exempt)
3 Parents (Elementary, Middle, High)
2 High School Students

Ex-officio (non-voting):
Business and Finance Manager – Chair
Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations
Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Executive Director of School Administration
Aspiring Educational Leaders


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