Bid Name Bid Number
Geneva Elementary School Light Fixture Replacement Quote 1415-0510 Awarded
Parkview Elementary Addition Bid Documentation

Parkview Elementary Addition – Bid Results

#E6781  Awarded
Happy Valley Elementary School Replacement Bid 

Happy Valley Elementary School – Bid Results

Dairy Products – Invitation to BidDairy Products – Specifications

Dairy Products – Bid Form

Dairy Products – Bid Results

 1516-0508 Awarded
Roosevelt Storm Drain Replacement Project  2015-001 Awarded
Kulshan Middle School Roofing Project – Quote Results  N/A Awarded
Lowell Elementary Remodel 

Lowell Elementary Remodel Bid Results 

1415-0506 Awarded
Squalicum Skyroof – Bid Results 1415-0505 Awarded
Fueling Services – Invitation to Bid
Fueling Services – Specifications
Fueling Services – Bid Form

Fueling Services – Tabulation

1415-0504 Awarded
 Yearbooks – Bellingham, Sehome & Squalicum High Schools 1112-0499 Awarded