Bond Projects Timeline

*These are estimates. Timelines will be adjusted as needed. 

Location Project Estimated Completion* Additional Information
Birchwood Elementary School Rebuild Birchwood
Fall 2014 (part of 2006 bond)


Birchwood Website
Lowell Elementary School Renovate Lowell (video) August 2015


Lowell Design Advisory Group

Project Photos

Time-Lapse Video

Happy Valley Elementary School Rebuild Happy Valley (video) August 2016


Happy Valley Ed. Specs/Design Committee

Project Photos

Time-Lapse Video

Happy Valley Tour Video

Parkview Elementary School Renovate Parkview (video) August 2016


Parkview Design Advisory Group

Time-Lapse Video

Project Photos

Bellingham and Squalicum high school fields Upgrades high school fields to turf (video) August 2016 (Squalicum – Complete!)

August 2017

High School Turf Fields Advisory Group

Squalicum Field Time-Lapse Video

Squalicum Field Photos

Bellingham Field Project Web Camera

Bellingham High School Field Replacement Bid Advertisement

Builders Exchange

Options High School Rebuild Options (video) August 2017 New Options High School Ed. Spec/Design Advisory Committee

Project Photos

Options Project Web Camera

Transportation Garage Renovate facility (video) August 2018  Transportation Garage Planning Committee
Sehome High school Rebuild Sehome (video) August 2019 Sehome High School Design Advisory Committee

New/Replacement Sehome Project RFQ

Pre-Visioning for Sehome High School

Sehome Questions and Answers 

Sehome Project Photos

Central Kitchen Build Central Kitchen (video) August 2019 Food Services Advisory Group

Sehome High School /Central Kitchen RFQ

Gordon Carter Conservation Site Water, sewer and initial construction August 2019 Gordon Carter Environmental Learning Center Vision Advisory Group
All Schools Safety and energy upgrades (video) Projects completed throughout 2014-19 Updates
District Office Renovate facility (video) August 2019