Bond Projects Timeline

*These are estimates. Timelines will be adjusted as needed. 

Location: Birchwood Elementary School

Project: Rebuild Birchwood

Estimated Completion: Fall 2014 (part of 2006 bond) Complete!

Additional Information:

Birchwood Website


All projects below were part of the 2013 school facilities bond passed in Nov. 2013. 

Location: Lowell Elementary School

Project: Renovate Lowell (video)

Estimated Completion:  August 2015 Complete!

Additional Information:

Lowell Design Advisory Group

Project Photos

Time-Lapse Video

Location: Happy Valley Elementary School

Project: Rebuild Happy Valley (video)

Estimated Completion: August 2016 Complete!

Additional Information:

Happy Valley Design Advisory Group

Time-Lapse Video

Happy Valley Tour Video

Project Photos

Location: Parkview Elementary School

Project: Parkview Renovation (video)

Estimated Completion: August 2016 Complete!

Additional Information:

Parkview Design Advisory Group

Time-Lapse Video

Project Photos

Location: Bellingham and Squalicum high school fields

Project: Upgrades high school fields to turf (video)

Estimated Completion:

August 2016 (Squalicum – Complete!)

August 2017 (Bellingham – Complete!)

Additional Information:

High School Turf Fields Advisory Group

Squalicum Field Time-Lapse Video

Squalicum Field Photos

Bellingham Field Project Web Camera

Bellingham Field Photos

Bellingham Field Time-Lapse Video

Location: Options High School

Project: Rebuild Options (video)

Estimated Completion: August 2017 Complete!

Additional Information:

New Options High School Ed. Spec/Design Advisory Committee

Project Photos

Grand Opening Photos

Options Project Web Camera

Options High School Time-Lapse Video

Location: Transportation Garage

Project: Renovate facility (video)

Estimated Completion: August 2018

Additional Information:

Transportation Garage Planning Committee

Location: Sehome High School

Project: Rebuild Sehome (video)

Estimated Completion: August 2019

Additional Information:

Sehome High School Design Advisory Committee

Sehome Questions and Answers 

Sehome Project Photos

Sehome Project Web Cameras

Sehome Subcontractor and Vendor Bidding Information

Location: Central Kitchen

Project: Build Central Kitchen (video)

Estimated Completion: August 2019

Additional Information:

Food Services Advisory Group

Sehome High School /Central Kitchen RFQ

Central Kitchen Facility Design Team

Food Services Transition Team 

      Central Kitchen Bidding Information

Location: Gordon Carter Conservation Site

Project: Water, sewer and initial construction

Estimated Completion: August 2019

Additional Information:

Learning Center Vision Advisory Group

Location: All Schools

Project: Safety and energy upgrades (video)

Estimated Completion: Projects completed throughout 2014-19

Additional Information:


Location: District Office

Project: Renovate facility

Estimated Completion: August 2019

Additional Information: