Bellingham Public Schools is committed to preparing students for a rapidly changing world. We realize that our students need guidance as they learn to be critical thinkers, respectful and compassionate humans, and honest citizens in digital spaces. Our schools are continually developing programs to support student learning using technology in healthy, safe, and ethical ways. The resources below provide more information for how families can support students developing skills to navigate a connected world.

Common Sense Media:  This collection of family resources is from the leading independent nonprofit dedicated to helping kids thrive in a media and technology rich world.   You’ll find a collection of resources for common parent concerns as well as top picks for apps, websites, and other learning tools.  Find resources mentioned in the documentary Screenagers, including family screen time contracts and ideas for family tech time Tuesdays.  Family resources from the American Academy of Pediatrics, including media-related resources, including an online family media plan and media time calculator.  For more detailed information on the AAP guidelines for media use in school age children, please reference this report: Media Use in School-Aged Children and Adolescents.