Governance Process Policies
The board sets “board means.” These are the policies that describe the board’s job and how it directs the superintendent to achieve the “ends.” These also are referred to as the governance process.

Governance Process
GP-1 Governance Commitment and Beliefs (reviewed 3/19/15)
GP-2 Governing Style (reviewed 3/19/15)
GP-3 Board Job Description (reviewed 3/19/15)
GP-4 Monitoring Board Governance Process and Board-Staff Relationship Policies (reviewed 3/19/15)

GP-4.1 Board Self-Assessment (reviewed 3/19/15)

GP-5 President’s Role (reviewed 3/19/15)
GP-6 Board Advisory Committees (reviewed 3/19/15)
GP-6.1 Advisory Committee Structure (reviewed 3/19/15)
GP-7 Agenda Planning (reviewed/revised 11/13/14)
GP-7.1 Annual Board Agenda (revised 4/12/17)
GP-8 Board Members’ Code of Conduct (revised 1/26/17)
GP-9 Board Members Conflict of Interest (reviewed 3/19/15)
GP-10 Board Member Compensation and Expenses (reviewed 3/19/15)
GP-11 Process for Addressing Board Member Violations (reviewed 3/19/15)
GP-12 Cost of Governance (reviewed 3/19/15)