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Our email system is in the process of changing, please stop and read the following instructions carefully!

The Bellingham School District is in the process of upgrading our email system. This will result in improved performance and new features as well as a slight change in procedure used to access web-based email. The process will be gradual with staff and students being moved over in batches during the summer. You will be notified by Computer Services when you have been moved to the new Office 365 environment.

If you have not been notified by Computer Services that your email has changed, log into email using the following procedure, this is the same procedure used in the past:

Legacy Exchange for Bellingham email users who have not been moved to the Office 365 environment:

The procedure remains the same as in the past. Note that there are some compatibility issues with Internet Explorer. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox for checking email. When you click one of the logon buttons below, you will be prompted to log onto the Exchange server with a window looking like this:

login window examplePlease note the "bsdnet" and backward slash that must precede your logon name in this window.

Staff email - from outside the district network:
 logon button

Staff email for administrators & "ES3" users:
 logon button

Student email - from outside the district network:
 logon button


If you have been notified by Computer Services that your email has moved to Office 365, log into email using the Office 365 login procedure.