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Highly Capable Program

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As part of our work this year in the Department of Teaching and Learning, we are coordinating with an outside consultant to conduct a program review of the Highly Capable Program (HCP). The state has provided new guidance and program requirements that we need to review, address and implement for next school year.

The program review includes gathering feedback through surveys from HCP students and parents, as well as our teachers. The consultant visited a random sampling of schools across the district to conduct interviews with students who are currently in the program. A wide representation of teachers and parents were also interviewed. The online surveys provided an opportunity for all staff, parents, students, and staff involved with the program to offer feedback toward the review process.

This feedback, along with the consultant’s observations and recommendations for the program, is being reviewed by a committee with parent and staff representatives.

The Highly Capable Program recognizes that all learning needs a foundation of basic skills, content, and learning strategies, and that students have different needs and learn at different rates.  In order for a highly capable student to reach his/her potential, the program supports classroom differentiation strategies and offers a menu of short and long term classes as a supplement to the regular school program.