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Basic Digital Photography

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Learn to take successful images using a variety of digital cameras, and learn to manipulate size, resolution, and quality of images.  This 2-session class will provide hands on learning for using images in online and print publications.  Participants will build upon the following powerful teaching and learning strategies:

  • Teachers provide a classroom environment that actively engages all students in learning
  • Teachers differentiate by using a variety of instructional strategies based on the assessed strengths, needs and interests of their students

This class will provide basic understanding of digital images for staff who wish to take PhotoShop Elements.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify various sources for digital images
  • Identify file formats and understand graphic compression
  • Understand color space and palettes
  • Know differences between paint and draw images and where they should be used
  • Understand resolution and what it means in different contexts
  • Use a variety of utilities for image manipulation on the computer
  • Demonstrate use of a digital camera and be able to adjust its settings

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