Bellingham Public Schools

Facilities Rental

School facilities are provided by the public and should be made available to the community for non-commercial uses when practical and such use does not confilict with the operations of the district. District-sponsored activities, including curricular and co-curricular functions, retain first priority in use of facilities. Authorization for use of school facilities will not be considered as endorsement or approval of the activity, group or organization.

The public will be expected to reimburse the district for such use to ensure that funds intended for education are not used for other purposes. The superintendent is authorized to establish procedures for use of school facilities, including rental rates, supervisory requirements, restrictions, and security.

All users of District facilities must accept financial responsibility for any damage and must comply with the policies of the Board of Directors and the regulations established by the school administration. Those using school facilities shall provide evidence of insurance for accidents and liability covering persons using the District’s facilities.

(Policy No. 4260)

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