Bellingham Public Schools

Research and Assessment

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The Research and Assessment service area coordinates student academic assessment and evaluation efforts in the district. This area supports the administration of district and state assessments and assists in the use of this data in the educational decision-making process. We work in collaboration with the other members of the Department of Teaching and Learning.

The 2013-2014 Assessment Schedule and supporting documents provide a timeline for the large-scale assessments.

State Assessment Information provides links to district performance summaries, assessment requirements, test specifications and sample items. Support for school staff involved with test coordination and administration, including assessment accommodations, is also provided.

District Assessment Information supports the administration of district reading and math assessments, as well as Kindergarten Screening.

Schools use Assessment Information for Families to communicate assessment information to parents via school newsletters.

Ethical Standards in Testing are guidelines from the Washington Educational Research Association (WERA) regarding test preparation and administration.

Testing Students in Washington State provides information about Measurements of Student Progress (MSP), High School Proficiency Exam and End-of-Course (EOC) Exams.