Report cards for elementary and middle school students will be coming home with your child in Feb. 2016.  The intention is that the report card, along with other communication throughout the year, gives you information about how your child is progressing toward meeting the state standards, which specify what we want all students to know and be able to do at the end of each grade level.

Clearly communicating student progress to families is a critical aspect of our family engagement model.  Several tools are available for this purpose:  Skyward Family Access, Designated Family Engagement Time at elementary and middle schools, Curriculum Nights and Open Houses, Quarterly Progress Reports, and Semester Report Cards.

Report Card Guide for Elementary Families  (Spanish)

Report Card Guide for Middle School Families  (Spanish)


Grade level guides for are also available for each grade.


Many teachers and families provide feedback last year, resulting in some enhancements to the report cards.  You may notice some of the following:

  • Improved consistency, with standards-based reporting now in place from preschool through eighth grade in all Bellingham schools
  • Language arts and math learning targets are newly aligned with national Common Core State Standards
  • Academic achievement is reported separately from behaviors and work habits, now referred to as Learner Attributes in elementary and Success Attributes in middle school
  • The elementary comments have been improved to increase consistency, a key parent interest
  • The  layout and format are improved, making the information easier to understand


Family Engagement

Family engagement is a key strategy of The Bellingham Promise because the research is clear. Your involvement in your child’s education matters. Studies show that students whose families are engaged in their school lives attend class more regularly, achieve at higher levels, and generally have better behavior both at home and at school.

Standards-Based Reporting

Bellingham’s elementary and middle schools have adopted a Standards-Based approach to reporting student progress, offering students clear learning targets and guiding teachers with proficiency levels for student performance expectations.  Scores (4, 3, 2, 1) are earned on assignments, assessments and class work to show where students are in relation to the standard and/or expectation.  Read more (including Frequently Asked Questions!) …