Bellingham Public Schools

Food Services

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Food Services employs more than 75 professionals dedicated to providing excellence in all phases of child nutrition program operations. School meals, planned by a School Food Service and Nutrition Specialist, reflect the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and student preferences. Low cost, nutritious meals are served to more than 6,000 customers every day through breakfasts and lunches offered in all Bellingham Public Schools. Food Services has received four USDA Regional Excellence awards for its lunch programs and the Washington Food Policy Action Center Golden Milk Carton Award for its breakfast program.

Food Services Staff

Employees are encouraged to pursue professional excellence. A majority of Food Services staff participates in professional growth activities through district-sponsored training and training offered through the Washington School Food Service Association and the American School Food Service Association.

Food Safety

Food safety is a priority. Ongoing training is provided through the ServSafe food safety and sanitation program of the National Restaurant Association. All school site Food Service managers, leads, and primary production staff are ServSafe Certified. All Food Services staff have food handlers permits issued by the Whatcom County Health and Human Services Department. Food preparation and transport is carefully monitored through Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards developed jointly by the Bellingham School District and the Whatcom County Health and Human Services Department. School kitchens and dining areas are inspected by Whatcom County HHS staff annually.

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