Bellingham Students to Receive State Test Results in September

Students in Bellingham Public Schools (BPS) who took state tests in the spring will receive individual student score reports mailed to their homes in mid-to-late September. The Washington state Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) has published state test score summaries on the Washington Report Card site, including 2017 state test performance scores for BPS.

Our students are meeting or exceeding state indicators in most cases, and many results are consistent with recent years. BPS sees state assessments as just one of many measures of our students’ success. Our strategic plan, The Bellingham Promise, compels us to develop students and graduates who are not only mathematicians, scientists, readers and writers, but also artists, performers, critical thinkers, compassionate humans, innovators and more. We consider and teach the “whole child,” meaning we look beyond test score data.

Research shows that focusing on the whole child and school culture can have a positive impact on academics. In recent years, as a district, we’ve worked to de-emphasize state tests, though we recognize there are benefits to state assessments. We seek balance and concentrate on classroom academics, social emotional learning and school culture. Please keep in mind that your child’s teachers are the best resource for a complete picture of your child’s academic proficiency.

Washington used the Smarter Balanced tests to measure English language arts (ELA) and math proficiency in grades three through eight, ten and eleven. The state’s Measurements of Student Progress (MSP) was used to measure students’ science proficiency in grades five and eight. At the high school level, state End-of-Course assessments in Algebra 1, Geometry and Biology were administered as proficiency measures and for those students who had not yet passed an exam needed for graduation.