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Congratulations and Reflections

A Message from Superintendent Greg Baker

Dear Families and Community Members,

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share some good news and offer some thoughts and reflection as we head into a three-day weekend with the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.

First, I’m excited to share that one of our own coaches, Kevin Ryan, has just been announced as the National Coach of the Year in girls track and field by the National Federation of State High School Associations! This is an exciting achievement for Kevin, our track and field program, and a great opportunity to honor all of the amazing coaches in our district.

We have made a strong commitment to increase participation in athletics and remove barriers for our kids. Our progress includes giving all our elementary kids access to after-school programs, eliminating “pay to play” fees at middle and high school, and providing athletic passes to help more parents watch their kids at a lower cost. We have invested in better athletic fields, which will be enhanced even further with our upcoming bond. And while this requires resources and increased coordination and leadership, I believe it is a solid investment for our students. The end result will be more kids experiencing the benefits that athletics can provide, including some of the Key Outcomes for students called out in The Bellingham Promise, including “confident individuals who continuously challenge themselves”, ”healthy, active individuals” and “leaders, collaborators and team players”.

Speaking of leadership, this is a special weekend where we honor one of the greatest leaders in the history of our country, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King exemplified the best of humanity, displaying many of the characteristics we want for our own children, many of which we have also called out in The Promise, including:

  • Respectful and compassionate humans
  • Honest and ethical citizens who act with integrity
  • Well-rounded community members engaged with the broader world.

As a staff member or parent, if you’re trying to describe to a student or child the definition of a courageous leader who was focused on dignity for each individual, equality for all and someone who fought for what is right and just, it’s hard to find a better example than Dr. King.  He is a leader to learn from, celebrate and honor.

I wish each of you a restful and enjoyable weekend,

Greg Baker