Give Input on Draft Budget Highlights by May 22

Dear Families and Staff,

Each spring we share our current thinking about the coming school year’s budget. Most of our funding comes from the state. This is a highly unpredictable year in Olympia as legislators determine how to comply with the McCleary Supreme Court mandate to more fully fund education. We’re closely monitoring the draft budgets coming out of the state Legislature. It may be quite some time before we know how much revenue we’ll receive, so we’re using the draft state budgets as a guide.

Our draft budget highlights summarize our current thinking on spending for 2017-18 with staff compensation/benefits and our new high school schedule being our biggest new investments. Our draft budget highlights are organized by priorities in support of The Bellingham Promise. We plan to fund as many of these as we can, depending on state revenue, and possibly more as the state budget allows.

Please take this brief survey to comment on these draft budget highlights by noon May 22. We’ll use this feedback as we finalize our budget and make hiring decisions this spring. We’ll plan to share an updated Priorities for Progress for 2017-18 based on this input at the start of the new school year.

Thank you for your feedback,