Happy Winter Break and Community Engagement: The Bellingham Promise in Action

A Message from Superintendent Greg Baker

Dear Students, Staff, Families, Volunteers and Community,

Happy Friday!  I have a few reflections and updates I’d like to share with you.

First, I’m often asked for book recommendations, so in case winter break affords you some time to read, here are a few suggestions that tie into our district’s ongoing work and focus around Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: White Fragility by Robin Diangelo, Despite the Best Intentions by Amanda E. Lewis and John B. Diamond and Our Kids by Robert D. Putnum. The district’s leadership team, which includes principals, assistant principals, directors and executive team members, has read these books over the past three years. They are powerful reads, addressing inequities that we see in our schools and beyond.

Second, yesterday the Governor shared his proposed 2019-20 K-12 education budget. It has some good news for public education, including increased funding for special education and mental health and safety and maintaining the ability for communities to pass local levies at current rates, although this wouldn’t start until 2020.  It’s important to note this is just the Governor’s proposal to the legislature, which will come into session in January to start debating these ideas as well as other proposals.

Finally, as we head into our winter break, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your innumerable contributions to Bellingham Public Schools. This entire community comes together in such important ways for our children. Below are three stories I want to share that describe how this wraparound support is shown in distinct ways – whether in the form of a voter-supported facility, donations to the Foundation or time well-spent with our students; each shows the love that exists in each of you for each other and for our children. It truly is a collective commitment.

Whether you are looking forward to Christmas, just celebrated Hanukkah or observe other holidays or traditions, may you rest well over the break and spend time with those you love (and maybe relax with a good book!). I look forward to a rewarding and full year ahead with you.

Best wishes,

Greg Baker


Foundation dollars reach all corners of district

Holding hands

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Ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrates the new Central Kitchen

Central Kitchen Ribbon Cutting

In November, the Central Kitchen was officially completed and unveiled to the public. More…

Building bridges and community over lunch with our first responders

First responders at lunch

First Responder Lunch Program invites police officers and firefighters to dine with students in our school lunchrooms. More


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