High School Schedule Update

A Message from the Superintendent Greg Baker


Dear High School Students and Families,

It’s been remarkable to reflect back on an exciting year of change for our high schools, including the new eight-period schedule and bell times. With these changes, we have learned a lot. Thank you again for those of you who gave feedback via our survey or blog regarding the new eight period schedule. Based on input from staff, students and families and in collaboration with our high school principals, we are refining the eight-period high school schedule for next school year.

Starting in 2018-19, we are going to offer student advisory time (also known as THOR, Raideraide, Harbor or Rally Groups) every day at all four high schools. Currently, this advisory time is only happening twice per week, and we have heard from both students and staff that it’s an invaluable opportunity to make up tests, labs or seek/give help. Others have said it’s confusing to keep track of the schedule when two days of the week are slightly different than the other three (on top of the alternating A/B days), so this will help bring some consistency. The increased advisory time will also allow students to earn .25 credit each semester.

THOR, Raideraide, Harbor or Rally Groups will happen every day from 2:45 to 3:15 p.m. One reason we chose the end of the day is because we heard that there are students who need to leave school early to compete in athletics and activities, and they were missing valuable instructional time due to our new later dismissal.  This time will also allow students time to get a head start on homework and connect with teachers for assistance.

Another big topic of interest this school year for our staff, students, families and community is safety and support. I believe this allotted time every day will help our students and staff form better relationships – and supporting and caring for each other will help us deliver on The Bellingham Promise and our belief that “all children should be loved.”

Thanks for your patience and help as we keep refining our processes and systems to support teaching and learning and ALL kids! If you have any questions about your child’s schedule next year, please contact your principal or counselor.

Greg Baker