Seventh Grade Smart Trips Bus Pass Opt-out

Dear seventh grade families,
Whatcom Smart Trips will visit our middle schools this month and teach all seventh graders how to plan trips and ride the Whatcom Transit Association city bus system. Find out more about the program at

As a part of the program, WTA gives each student a free bus pass, which is good for unlimited bus trips from April 1 to June 30. These passes are worth $40.

To opt your student out of receiving the bus pass as part of this program, please contact your school’s main office by March 15.

In our experience, the seventh grade bus pass and transit education program is a positive opportunity for students to learn about how to travel more independently through our community. Fun fact: last year Kulshan Middle School had the highest number of seventh-grade rides in Whatcom County using their passes, and the previous year it was Shuksan Middle School.

We are excited for our seventh graders to participate in this lesson and receive their passes.

However, if you would prefer your student not receive the bus pass, please call or email your school’s main office by March 15.



Amy Carder, principal, Shuksan Middle School

Jeff Coulter, principal, Whatcom Middle School

Meagan Dawson, principal, Kulshan Middle School

Steve Ruthford, principal, Fairhaven Middle School