Staff Learning (Purple) Fridays, Watch Video

A Message from Superintendent Greg Baker

Dear Students and Families,

After our dramatic winter weather, I hope spring break brings some sunny days and rest for each of you!  I’ve been asked what my plans are for spring break…and well, for those of you interested, there are two exciting events that have never occurred before…Gonzaga in the Final Four!…and I’m heading to Jury Duty! : ) Not sure which one I’m more excited about, but should make for a great week.

I would like to share a few thoughts with you regarding calendar. When I talk with parents, I know that any changes in the school schedule – especially no school days – can be disruptive and sometimes pose a hardship for families. Some of you may be wondering about the value and purpose of Staff Learning Fridays (also known as Purple Fridays, due to the color on our districtwide calendar). Even with these Fridays embedded in the school calendar, we strive to maintain 180 school days for our students. These days fostered a good compromise with our winter weather this year as we were able to convert some into school days.

Watch our latest edition of “What’s Up Doc?”, a fun video feature where two students interview me and sometimes another staff member about a topic of interest. This edition features Ms. Manthey from Lowell Elementary School, Drake from Sehome and Lynna from Options. Watch Part I and Part II.

In Part I, you can learn more about the following:

  • What happens on Staff Learning Fridays
  • How teachers learn based on what grade level they teach
  • The impact of snow days

In Part II:  you can learn more about the following:

  • The future of Staff Learning Fridays
  • How the budget is impacted by these days
  • Staff Learning Fridays from a student’s perspective

To jump directly to any of those topics/questions listed above, go to the video link and click on the menu icon on the bottom right or you can simply hover over the white dots at the bottom of the screen and click on the topics that are of interest to you.

Thanks, happy spring break, and Go Zags!

Greg Baker