2004 Policy – School Accountability for Student Learning

The Board recognizes that schools have a responsibility to provide opportunities for students to learn and to regularly measure and report student learning to the public. Schools need to be accountable for improving student learning and provide instructional programs that help students move toward high standards of performance.

To accomplish this, school site councils will create long-range strategic plans. This planning and reporting process is consistent with existing policy regarding site-based decision making and planning (Policy 6520) and student assessment (Policy 2130). Site Councils use input from the school community, data from student performances and measures of school learning environment to develop their strategic plans. These plans are aligned with District and state goals and include measurable goals in the areas of:

  • Student academic performance – reading, writing, mathematics and technology
  • Environment for learning

The student performance goals in reading and math must be at or above those required to meet adequate yearly progress (AYP), as defmed by No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, 200I. All high schools and the district must have school graduation rate goals of at least 73% in 2004 and 85% in 2014 for students in all identified groups. All elementary and middle schools must monitor and report progress toward meeting attendance rate goals for students in all identified groups. Identified groups include:

  • All students;
  • Students of each major racial and ethnic group;
  • Economically disadvantaged students;
  • Students with disabilities; and
  • Students with limited English proficiency.

Progress toward achieving the goals will be assessed and reported annually to parents and the public. School strategic plans are initially approved by the Board. Progress reports and adjustments to the plan are submitted to and approved by the school supervisor. School progress is reported to the Board at a school visit on a three-year cycle.

The annual report of school progress will include information on school and district improvement goals as well as data from district and state assessments described in Policy 2130, Student Assessment and Testing.




Approved By: Dale E. Kinsley
Adopted: 12/18/03
Revised: 12/18/03
Approved: Superintendent Approved
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