2130 Policy – Student Assessment and Testing

The Board recognizes that the regular assessment of student progress is an integral and essential component of the teaching – learning process. Regular and systematic measures of learning are useful guides for parents, teachers, administrators, students, and community members as indicators of individual and group attainment of state and district standards. All assessment shall be designed so that the results are used by educators to evaluate instructional practices and to initiate appropriate educational support for students.  Accommodations shall be made in tests or testing procedures based on the needs of students and as allowed and appropriate for the test. Assessments shall provide an opportunity for students to be measured fairly and impartially. Student assessment data is used by the Board to establish and revise the District goals for improving student learning.  Assessment results will be reported to the state, the District, parents and community as appropriate.

Student assessment and testing in the Bellingham School District shall be carried out in pre- kindergarten through grade twelve in order to:

Improve the instructional program.

Assess the progress of individual students in relation to adopted standards.

Establish the need to expand or change curriculum.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the basic school program.

Students will be assessed in a comprehensive system developed in support of  state requirements, the district’s Mission and Vision statements, Pathway for the 21st Century, and existing policies, including the Essential Student Learnings (Policy 2110), and Curriculum Development and Adoption (Policy 2120).  Assessments will include those required by the state and others developed or selected by a team of teachers, parents, students, community members and administrators, as appropriate, and reviewed by the Board prior to use with students.  District assessments will be subject to periodic review and revision.

No written or oral test, survey, questionnaire, or examination will be used to elicit personal beliefs or practices of a student or his parents as to sex or religion except with the written consent of the custodian parent(s) or guardian(s) having legal custody of the child.

Parents or legal guardians of students who want to become acquainted with the nature of tests and their uses in helping children will be notified in writing, annually, regarding the person or department where they may receive such information.

Adopted: 12/10/98
Revised: 12/10/98
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