3540 Policy – Student Fundraising for Charitable Purposes

Student fundraising for charitable purposes is permissible when specifically pre-approved by the building principal.  Funds raised by students for charitable purposes will be considered private funds and will be subject to all district fundraising policies and procedures. These funds will be held in trust in one or more separate accounts and will be disbursed for the purposes determined by the students group(s) conducting the fundraiser.

The district shall withhold an amount (or otherwise be compensated) for the direct costs of its services when appropriate.

Prior to participation in the fundraiser, supporters must be notified of the intended use of the proceeds and informed that the proceeds are not ASB funds, but will be held in trust by the district exclusively for the specified purpose(s).

As provided by RCW 28A.325.030, charitable purpose does not include any activity related to assisting a campaign for election of a person to an office or for the promotion or opposition to a ballot proposition.

The Superintendent shall establish procedures pertaining to fundraising for charitable purposes.

Approved By: Dale E. Kinsley
Adopted: 10/10/02
Revised: 10/10/02
Approved: Superintendent Approved
Legal References: Content

RCW 28A.325.030

Policy 3530 – Solicitation of Funds