3702 Policy – Travel Procedures for Athletic Teams

It shall be the policy of the Bellingham Public Schools to provide adequate, safe, and properly supervised transportation services to student athletes and coaching staffs to and from all athletic events that have been properly sanctioned by the local athletic director and building principal. This policy shall include the following provisions:

High school athletic events shall be scheduled within a reasonable geographic area so travel distances will not conflict with the students’ normal class schedules.

Special athletic events that require student absence from regular classes, such as tournament schedules, shall be held to a minimum and shall be granted providing the event does not jeopardize the athletes’ academic progress in any of his/her classes. Student athletes are expected to be in class attendance the days prior to and following an athletic event.

Athletic events shall be restricted to a geographic area that will permit the student athletes to receive an adequate night’s rest prior to his/her classes on the day following the athletic event.

Maximum travel distance for athletic events shall be confined within the geographic area bounded by the Cascade Mountains on the east and the cities of Auburn, Olympia, Shelton and Port Angeles on the south and west.  Exceptions to this provision may be considered for athletic events that might occur prior to Saturdays or holidays.  These exceptions must be approved by the athletic director and building principal.

Adopted: 5/10/79
Revised: 5/10/79
Approved: Superintendent Approved