3800 Policy – Music Programs and Uniforms


In so far as possible, no charge will be made to the public for school music programs.  When a fee is necessary to meet a royalty charge or other such set production costs, the fee must be approved by the school principal, and the Deputy Superintendent.

All music programs should meet the guidelines and expectations as described in Board

Policy/Procedures 6500, Religion and the Schools.


Music program uniforms are used in both curricular and extra curricular areas.  Funds to replace them should be derived from the school budget with support as appropriate through requests to the ASB budget.

A rental fee will be collected yearly from each band and choir student and this money will be available for uniform maintenance, repair, and replacement.  The student shall be responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of his/her uniform and shall return it at the close of the school year in good repair.

Adopted: 03/12/92
Revised: 12/14/00
Approved: Superintendent Approved