5313 Policy – Payroll Deducations

Bellingham Public Schools support payroll deductions for employees. Therefore, monthly deductions may be made from the salaries of employees of the school district when a minimum of ten percent (10%) of the group so request. Deductions will be consistent with state and federal laws governing salary and wage deductions. Deductions are also made for:

Professional Association Dues

Employee Union Dues

Credit Union Accounts

Deferred Compensation Programs Tax Sheltered Annuity Programs Insurance programs

Citizens’ Advisory Committee for Levies and Bonds

*Charitable Organizations such as:

Bellingham Dollars for Scholars

Bellingham Public Schools Foundation

United Way of Whatcom County

Deductions listed above will be made when the district receives a signed application from the employee authorizing a deduction.

*A charitable organization, in the exclusive judgment of the school district, is defined as helping meet the educational health or welfare needs of Bellingham School District students and families.

Adopted: 05/10/79
Revised: 12/8/11
Approved: Superintendent Approved