5420 Policy – Auxiliary Personnel


Auxiliary personnel shall include all persons who either do not hold valid professional certification or who are not under formal contract as certificated employees.  The following categories of auxiliary personnel are recognized:

Clerical/Service Aide – a person who works on tasks which are primarily routine or of a non-instructional nature under the direct supervision of a certificated staff member.

Instructional Assistant or Teacher Aide – a person who assists in instruction of students and is under the supervision of the certificated staff member most directly responsible for the instruction of the contacted student.

Student Assistant – a person currently enrolled as a student in the School District who performs special tasks under the management of a certificated staff member.

Volunteer – a person from the community who contributes his/her services on a regular basis without charge.

Certificated Staff Member shall include all persons contracted as certificated personnel who are responsible for instruction, for instructional services or for student personnel services in the school.


The provisions of this policy shall be applicable to all auxiliary personnel whether they are employees of the School District, volunteers, or trainees.

Employment Qualifications

Auxiliary personnel shall demonstrate and encourage positive attitudes toward self and others and continue to seek an understanding of the purposes and organization of public education.

Auxiliary personnel shall demonstrate adequate levels of competence and specialized/specific skills appropriate to roles assigned.

Auxiliary personnel shall meet the health and personal qualification required by the School District.

Appropriate levels of competency shall be determined jointly by the certificated teachers and administrators responsible for the supervision of said auxiliary personnel.


Application for any auxiliary personnel category position shall be open to any individual meeting the qualification for that position, irrespective of sex, race, or religion.

Applicants will be selected according to District procedures. Assignment

Auxiliary personnel shall be assigned in accordance with the needs of the educational program of

the School District.

Auxiliary personnel shall be assigned in such a manner as to make it clear to which certificated employee they are responsible.

Relationship to Certificated Teacher

Auxiliary personnel are employed or assigned to assist in the provision of better instructional services to students.

Auxiliary personnel are not assigned to relive teachers of their teaching responsibilities nor to change the overall student-to-teacher ration.

Written assignments shall be established for all auxiliary personnel defining their function and responsibilities in each instance or general classification into which auxiliary personnel are assigned.

Such written assignments shall be jointly established by the teacher or teacher to whom the auxiliary personnel are to be responsible, the administrator directly responsible for such auxiliary personnel and the auxiliary personnel involved.  Each of the above shall be provided with a copy of the written assignments as established.

All auxiliary personnel shall be under the direct supervision of a designed certificated employee who shall be responsible for their direction.

Consistent with WAC 180-44-010, 020, and 030, under no circumstances shall auxiliary personnel be assigned the following responsibilities

1)    Prescribing courses of study.

2)    Directing and/or controlling the assignments of pupils.

3)    Evaluating a pupil’s educational growth and development other than through informal communication to the supervising certificated person.

4)    Making reports to parents, guardians or school administrators with respect to a pupil’s educational growth and development.

5)    Making reports to parents, guardians or school administrators with respectt to any teacher or other certificated employees’ competency, level of preparation, classroom discipline, working environment or any other aspect related to the evaluation of certificated personnel.

6)    Prescribing disciplinary action relating to pupils.

7)    Excusing pupils from attendance or participating in any classroom or school related activity.

8)    Acting in any other capacity relating to instruction which has traditionally been delegated to certificated personnel without the direct supervision of the aide of assistant’s supervising certificated staff member.


The Distinct will provide training for auxiliary personnel through in-service workshops and other programs.

Such workshops shall be developed jointly by representatives of teachers, administrators, and auxiliary personnel.


Certificated teachers, auxiliary personnel, and administrators shall periodically review and evaluate the utilization of auxiliary personnel as it relates to the educational program for students.  Recommendations for revision of the utilization of auxiliary personnel shall be made to the office of the Superintendent of Schools by the building administrator.

Adopted: 5/10/79
Revised: 5/10/79