6212 Policy – Procurement Cards

The superintendent or his/her designee is authorized to direct expenditures and purchases within the limits of the detailed annual budget for the school year.  The use of procurement cards is authorized for purchases of services, supplies, and travel directly related to official district business.

All users of procurement cards will sign a Procurement Card User Agreement and will be responsible for all charges made on the account.  Improper use of procurement cards shall result in disciplinary action including termination of employment.  Employees will be held personally liable for all unauthorized and/or unallowable procurement card purchases.  The superintendent or designee may terminate an employee’s privilege to use a procurement card at any time.

The superintendent will develop District Procurement Card Procedures to ensure compliance with this policy and applicable laws.



Adopted: 01/17/08
Revised: 01/17/08
Approved: Superintendent Approved
Legal References: Content

RCW  42.24.115         Charge Cards for employee travel expenses

RCW  43.09.2855       Use of credit cards