6410 Policy – Evaluation of Administrative Personnel

The Board of Directors adopts the following criteria and procedures for the annual evaluation of administrators, excluding the Superintendent.  For the purpose of this policy, the term “administrators” includes:

•     Assistant Superintendents

•     Administrators

•     Directors (Certificated and Classified)

•     Principals

•     Assistant Principals

Annual Evaluation

All administrators shall be evaluated annually, said evaluations to be completed not later than June 30.  The evaluator shall be the Superintendent, or designee.  Evaluators may make additional evaluations at any time during the school year, said additional evaluations to cover such period of time as may be identified in the evaluation report.

Evaluative Criteria

Evaluations shall be based on the administrator’s job description, accomplishment of annual goals and performance objectives, and established evaluative criteria.  Such evaluative criteria shall include, when applicable: (1) leadership; (2) instruction and the learning environment; (3) supervision and evaluation of personnel; (4) communication; (5) management and administration, including school finance; and (6) professional preparation and growth, including scholarship and effort toward improvement when needed.

Evaluation Procedures

1.      Each administrator shall have the opportunity for confidential conferences with his/her immediate supervisor on no less than two (2) occasions each school year.  Such conferences shall be for the purpose of aiding the administrator (evaluatee) in his/her professional performance.

2.      The annual evaluation of an administrator shall be documented on the evaluation report form applicable to his/her position.  Any additional evaluation and/or evaluation information may be documented as needed.

3.      Each administrator shall be provided with a copy of his/her evaluation report within a reasonable time after such report is prepared.

4.      The administrator shall sign the District’s copy of the evaluation to indicate that he/she has received a copy.  The signature of the evaluatee does not necessarily signify agreement with contents of the evaluation.

5.      Each evaluation report shall be filed in the evaluatee’s personnel file in the District’s personnel office.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for developing specific evaluation performance indicators and procedures.  The Superintendent shall inform administrators of the criteria, performance indicators, and process to be used for administrative evaluation.



Adopted: 09/09/93
Revised: 09/09/93
Approved: Superintendent Approved
Legal References: Content

RCW 28A.405.100