2160 Procedure – Grant Application

Those wishing to submit a funding proposal for a specific project or program need to use the following procedures.  Central Services Support may be available for assistance in this process.

1.  Grant applications for individual schools/programs that are less than $5,000 may be developed by staff at the school based on school needs and ideas.  The application must be

discussed and submitted to the school supervisor for approval prior to submission.

2.  Grant applications for individual schools or programs in excess of $5,000 must follow the process outlined above and must also be submitted to the superintendent or designee for

review and approval prior to submission.

3.  Grants that require or involve any of the following must be approved by the superintendent or designee and by the appropriate director or department prior to


a.  District assurances;

b.  District matching funds;

c.  Significant alteration or “enhancement” of existing programs;

d.  Technology software or hardware;

e.  Curriculum or resources that are not in alignment with existing adopted curriculum or resources

4.  Grant applications for districtwide programs must be discussed in concept with the Superintendent or designee prior to submission.

5.  When notification of a grant award is received by the superintendent’s office, the notice will be forwarded to the appropriate school or department.

6.  All grant awards received by an individual, school or department must be submitted to finance and operations for tracking purposes.


Please note:  Spending is not authorized until an award letter and approved budget has been submitted to finance and operations by the principal/building or program supervisor.  Charging expenses to unauthorized funds may result in charges against the school or department’s operating budget.

Adopted: 03/31/14
Revised: 03/31/14