2185 Procedure – Use of Volunteers and Interns with Regularly Scheduled Student Contact

In order to assure that all volunteers and interns are used in an appropriate and effective manner, compliance with all statutory requirements is maintained, and students are assured of a safe environment, the following identification, training, and placement process shall be followed.

I. The volunteer or intern meets with the building or program administrator (or his or her designee) to review service opportunities and the job-match of the volunteer or interns.

II. If the volunteer or intern is approved, a plan for the use of his or her time in the building or program shall be developed. This plan shall be developed cooperatively and shall include but not be limited to:

  1. the specific tasks the volunteer or intern will perform;
  2. procedures to train the volunteer or intern to perform the task(s) effectively;
  3. a regular schedule for each volunteer or intern outlining the days and times he or she will be working;
  4. the procedures the volunteer will use in contacting the building or program in the event he or she is unable to appear for regularly scheduled service;
  5. the procedure the volunteer will use to check in and out of the office;
  6. f. the room(s) or area(s) of the school in which the volunteer or intern will be working;
  7. the procedures, if necessary, for reporting student progress to the teacher; and,
  8. a supervisory plan designating the person(s) who will be responsible for monitoring the activities of the volunteer or intern,

Buildings are encouraged to provide each volunteer and intern with a recognizable name badge which he/she would wear while working in the building,

III. The volunteer or intern shall complete the Volunteer Disclosure Form in compliance with procedures established by the Personnel Department.  The building administrator or program supervisor is responsible for giving the volunteer or intern a copy of the district policies, on Sexual Harassment (5013) and Drug-Free Workplace (5258).

IV. If the volunteer or intern will be having regularly scheduled, unsupervised access to students under the age of 16 or any developmentally disabled persons regardless of age, he/she must undergo a State Patrol background check (including fingerprinting) in addition to the Volunteer Disclosure Form. The fingerprinting process must be competed before a volunteer or intern is eligible to start.

V. An orientation session for each volunteer or intern shall be provided by the building administrator, program supervisor, or his/her This orientation shall include but not be limited to:

  1. meeting the other employees, volunteers, or interns with whom he or she will be working;
  2. a tour of the general facility with special attention to where he or she will be working; and
  3. a review of the rules governing confidentiality in the schools.

VI. All identified training needs (see II b) must be completed prior to the volunteer or intern starting work in the building.

  1. A record of the days and times a volunteer or intern is in a building or with a program shall be maintained by the building or program for eight (8) years past the last day the volunteer worked.



Adopted: 03/30/99
Revised: 03/30/99