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2190 Procedure – Selection Criteria Highly Capable

The following procedures will be employed to refer, assess and select students to access highly capable services.

01. Referral
Anyone may refer a child to the program, including teachers, other staff, parents/guardians, students, and members of the community.  Nominators will complete the district’s referral form to recommend a child for consideration. The district will screen each nominee using district standardized assessment data to identify students who qualify for further assessment.

02.  Screening

In their second grade year, all students will be screened using the CogAT 7 screener to identify students who qualify for further assessment.

03.  Assessment

Students identified through the referral or screening process will be assessed using multiple criteria from a variety of sources and data, including tests that measure cognitive ability, academic achievement and creative or productive thinking.  Test results will be recorded in the student’s cumulative file.

The following assessment instruments will be used to identify students who qualify for program services:

Aptitude measure: CogAT 7

Achievement measure: MSP and MAP scores

Teacher rating scale

Prior to conducting assessment(s), district program staff will obtain written parent/guardian permission.

04.  Selection

A multi-disciplinary selection team comprised of a district administrator, psychologist or other individual who can interpret cognitive and achievement test results, and a teacher with expertise in highly capable students, will review data that has been collected for each of the referred students. The committee will select those students who would receive the most benefit from participating in the program services.
The district will:

A. Notify parents/guardians of students who have been selected. Parents/guardians will receive a full explanation of the procedures for identification, program options and the appeal process; and
B. Obtain parent/guardian permission to provide services and programs.

05. Process for Appeal
Parents or guardians may appeal the selection of the multidisciplinary team by completing an appeal form.  Appeal forms must be received by the district office within 15 business days of notification.

06. Exit Procedures
A student may be exited from highly capable program services at any time by parent or guardian request. Program staff may also recommend exit if they determine the program services do not meet the student’s needs. Criteria for exiting the program will include a review of standardized test scores, student work samples, and/or other assessment data as needed.

07.  Program Design

The district will offer highly capable student services that may include but are not limited to: accelerated learning opportunities; academic grouping arrangements that provide intellectual and interest in peer group interactions; and advanced-placement courses.

Each individual student or group of students with similar needs will have a support plan.  Services will be made available based on the individual need of the student and include a continuum of services.

08.  Reporting

The superintendent or designee will provide an end-of-the-year report to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) which includes number of students served by grade level, the ethnicity and gender of such students, and program(s) provided for these students.

Adopted: June 18, 2014
Revised: July 29, 2014, January 29, 2015