2410 Procedure – High School Graduation Requirements

Students in high school are expected to complete all requirements to be eligible for graduation. Since each student has a unique set of needs and abilities, it can be expected that the experience provided and the amount of growth observed will vary widely among students. In an effort to meet the needs of all students, the district will provide courses in a variety of settings and time frames, including extended day and summer school. However, all students must meet the minimum requirements as defined in policy.

The principal or counselor will review the transcript of all students who transfer into the Bellingham School District. Transcripts that indicate a course schedule different from that used in Bellingham—6 credits per year total available; course competence demonstrated each semester, each course representing .5 credit for each of two semesters—will be adjusted so that the number of credits required for graduation meets the district requirements. (For example, courses taken on a trimester schedule will be adjusted to match our semester schedule by multiplying credits by .75). Any adjustments to transfer credits will be shown on the student transcript and communicated in writing to the student and parent during that student’s first semester in the Bellingham School District. Parents or students 18 years or older who wish to appeal any transcripted credit adjustments must put the request for appeal in writing to the superintendent or designee within three (3) weeks of the start of the student’s second semester in the Bellingham Public Schools.

The graduation course requirements may be waived in the following circumstances when waivers are in the best interests of individual students. The principal of each school will record and document all waivers granted.

  • Alternative learning experiences may be substituted for specific requirements of a course upon approval by the principal, as defined in Policy 2412.
  • Students who demonstrate a satisfactory level of proficiency may be exempted for a specific course as listed below. In all cases, the student will NOT receive credit. The requirement is waived and the student is allowed to select another course to fulfill the total number of credits required for graduation.


Course Credits


Process for demonstrating competence


0.5 credits •     Successful completion of course learning modules

(through the class of 2012 only)

Health 0.5 credits •     Successful completion of district-developed assessment;


•     Successful completion of course learning modules.




1.5 credits For the class of 2006 and beyond:

•     The principal may waive 1.5 credits upon documentation of 270 (90 hours for each .5 credit) hours of community- based physical activity (e.g., club team, organized class

at YMCA or gym) or school-based physical activity

(sport or activity team).

•     Documentation must include signature of coach or instructor and some form of performance evidence (e.g., video, team roster, publicity).


History and


0.5 credit •     The principal may waive this requirement for 11th and

12th grade students who transfer from another state who have completed 10th grade, not yet started 11th grade, and who have or will have earned two credits in social studies. (WAC 180-51-085 [c])



Adopted: 03/22/04
Revised: 04/26/07