3140 Procedure – Release of Bellingham Resident Students


Annually, the District shall inform parents of the District’s  Inter-district enrollment options and parental involvement opportunities.

All applications for release to attend another school district shall be submitted in writing on forms provided by the District.  The application form shall be signed by the custodial parent or guardian of any student who is under eighteen years of age and shall require the following information: Name of student, residence of student, identification of the district and school which the student wishes to attend, and the reason(s) for requesting release.


A. Applicants must submit written evidence of having been accepted by the school district of their choice. If the applicant is unable to provide evidence of acceptance at the time of application, the release may be granted subject to the condition that such evidence is received by the effective date of enrollment in the other district.

B. Applicants must demonstrate qualification under one or more of the following criteria:

  1. A financial, educational, safety or health condition affecting the student applicant would likely be reasonable improved as a result of attendance in
    the other district;
  2. attendance in the other district is more accessible to the place of work of the student’s custodial parent/guardian or to the location of child care for the student; and/or
  3. a special hardship or detrimental condition exists. For the purposes of these procedures a special hardship or detrimental condition includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    1. a student who was enrolled the previous year in the other district and is scheduled to complete the twelfth grade the following year; and
    2. a student who has completed two or more school years in the other district without a release from the District but who can demonstrate that such attendance was known by the Superintendent or any member of the Board of Directors, or
    3. the release of the student applicant to attend school in another district would not adversely affect any existing desegregation plan of the District.



The release of a resident student will be for the designated school year only.



The District assumes no obligation for transportation of resident students released under these procedures to attend school in another district.


All applications for release of resident students must be submitted to the Director of

Student Services who shall act as the Superintendent’s designee.

The Director shall provide written notice of acceptance or rejection not later than 15 school/business days after the submission of the application.  Rejections shall specify the reason and will advise the applicant of his/her right to appeal.



If the request is denied the decision may be appealed to the Board of Directors for consideration at its next regularly scheduled meeting, provided, that the notice of appeal is received in writing at least 7 school/business days prior to the meeting.

The applicant shall be promptly notified in writing of the Board’s decision.  If the Board rejects the application, the notice shall inform the applicant of his/her right to appeal the decision to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Adopted: 06/16/95
Revised: 06/16/95