3420 Procedure – Physical Safety of School Children

Guidelines for ensuring student safety are as follows:

1.  Instruction of Students and Staff in Safety and Accident Prevention

A.  Use of tools or equipment in classroom — The principal shall document that each teacher has developed and provided safety instruction lessons prior to having students use equipment and monitors safe use of equipment.  The teacher shall regularly assess the working condition of equipment and remove or have repaired any equipment that is unsafe.  This includes classes in physical education, art, science, or applied technology.

B.  Playground equipment — The principal shall use the “Grounds Safety Inspection Checklist” for on-going review of the playground equipment to assess safety issues. Teachers shall provide information about the safe use of the equipment.  Playground Monitors shall ensure that students are using equipment safely.  Other checklists from the Manual –“Building Safety Inspection,” and “Classroom Safety Inspection” – shall also be used.

C.  General safety in the workplace — Policy 8302, Staff Occupational Safety and Accident Prevention, outlines procedures for departments and sites to ensure safe operations.  Operations will be continuously monitored to avoid potential negative impacts to students.

D.  First Aid — As described in Policies 8302 and 3431, instruction in First Aid will be provided to ensure appropriate response in case of an injury at school.

E. Other health issues — The District shall develop a process by which appropriate staff are provided the information needed to be safe in the areas of:

•     Bloodborne pathogens     Under the Administrator for Personnel and HIV/AIDS Policy/Procedure 5130

•     Immunizations                  Under the Director of Student Services

•     Medications                      Under the Director of Student Services


2.  Protective Devices

A.  Health-related — The Director of Student Services shall develop guidelines for staff regarding the wearing of gloves and other protective devices, as described in Policy 5130.

B.  Bicycle helmets – The principal of each school shall ensure that the parents of all students who ride their bicycles to school have information about dangers and safety issues including the importance of wearing a helmet.  Schools will provide students with bicycle safety training.  Every effort will be made to provide information about securing helmets at low or no cost for families.

3.  Supervision of Students

A.  The principal of each school shall ensure that all office staff follow district-adopted procedures for non-routine student checkout that ensure that the custodial parent(s) or legal guardian(s) have granted permission.

B.  The principal of each school shall ensure that teachers follow district-adopted procedures to ensure student safety when away from school on a school-sponsored activity or field trip.



Adopted: 2/18/98
Revised: 2/18/98