5005 Procedure – Employment Disclosures, Certification Requirements, Assurances and Approval

Citizenship Status

Prior to official employment, the district will document the citizenship/immigration information regarding employment eligibility that is furnished by the prospective employee.

The information that is recorded may come from single documents which establish both identity and authorization to work, including:

Acceptable Verification Document for New Hires

1. One Document Establishing Both Identity and Employment Authorization


      U.S. Passport  Resident Alien Card
(Form I-551)
  Permanent Resident Card
“Green Card”(Form I-551)


—   OR —

  1. One Document Establishing Identity
  2. One Document Establishing Employment Authorization
Drivers License
State-Issued ID Card with Photo
    PLUS    Social Security Card


The district must complete an Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) for each staff member employed after November 6, 1986, and keep that form on file for three years. For updates visit www.uscis.gov.

Sexual Misconduct

For prospective employees, the school district will request sexual misconduct information from all current and former school employers, including out-of-state school employers.

All prospective employees must sign a release granting permission for the district to contact current and former employers. The release will authorize disclosure of acts of sexual misconduct and access to all school district files related to the misconduct. The prospective employee will agree to release current and past employers from liability. Refusal to allow the release of information will end consideration of the applicant.

For certificated applicants, the district will verify certification and request that the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction release all information regarding sexual misconduct.

Background Check

As per policy, the superintendent may employ staff members on a temporary basis until the board takes final action on the recommendation of the superintendent.

All such records will be treated as confidential and only the director of personnel and one specific designee identified in writing will be authorized to access the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s record check database and district record check data including records of arrest and prosecution (RAP sheets). RAP sheets will be secured by the district in storage separate from personnel and applicant records. Further use of the record following initial employment or redissemination of the records to another organization or individual is expressly prohibited. Lawful use of such information does not constitute liability for defamation, invasion of privacy, or negligence, but noncompliance with this policy, relevant rules and statutes may allow for the recovery of civil damages under applicable federal and state statutes.

Employment information disclosed by the district at the request of an employee or employment agency regarding an employee’s ability to perform the job, diligence, skill, reliability or illegal or wrongful acts are presumed to be disclosed in good faith.

The district will keep a record of requests for employee information for a period of two (2) years. A copy of the record will be maintained in the employee’s file.


Adopted: 08/25/15
Revised: 08/25/15