5231 Procedure – Teacher School Day


All certificated instructional staff are expected to be at their school work site at least thirty (30) minutes before and after school each day, unless the school has exercised the option for a waiver.

To apply for a waiver, the principal must follow the process outlined below.

  • Develop a written plan and rationale for changing the expected start or end time for the school. The plan needs to outline how at least one hour per day or five hours per week will be provided to support the needs of students and patrons beyond the instructional day.  The plan needs to identify what the schedule would be and how the 180 hours a year will be allocated.
  • Provide evidence that the proposed plan has been developed through discussions with all staff involved, both certificated and classified, including opportunities for problem identification and solutions.
  • Provide evidence that the proposed plan has been made public to the parents of the school through at least one print source and that the period for input or comment was of at least ten school days to allow interested parents an opportunity to be heard.
  • Provide evidence that the proposed plan was reviewed and approved by the Site Council of the school and forwarded by the principal to his/her central offices supervisor for consideration and approval by the Superintendent or designee.

Plans may be approved for up to two years.  A new plan would need to be developed to continue a waiver beyond two years.


Adopted: 06/14/07
Revised: 06/14/07