5440 Procedure – Certificated Staff Interns

The procedures for teacher and specialist placements are as follows:

A. The college representative may present an intern agreement to the superintendent for review and approval by the Board.

B. The superintendent or designee shall coordinate the institution’s request for placement with principals to determine if placements are possible in the subject areas requested.

C. The college supervisor shall be notified of placements that can be accepted during the school term.

D. Assignments shall be made on approval of the principal and with the agreement of the cooperating staff member.

E.  An intern shall be assigned to a supervising certificated staff member with no less than three years of successful experience in that position. The supervising certificated staff must meet the competency requirements as defined by the university or, if none, must have completed the District Mentor Academy training or other training in reflective practice. All supervising staff must be “highly qualified to teach,” as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act, 2001.

F. The supervising staff maintains final responsibility for the student learning and behavior and all required discipline, assessments, and reporting. No delegation of responsibilities shall occur    until the intern has displayed the proficiency to accept them.

G. An intern should assume the same conditions of employment as a regular certificated staff in terms of length of school day, supervision of co-curricular activities, staff meetings, and              professional development.

H. The supervision/evaluation of the intern is the responsibility of the university supervisor and the supervising staff member. The supervising staff member will notify the building principal about problems with issues related to the performance of any intern.

The procedure for an administrative intern placement is as follows:

A. The individual wanting to serve an administrative internship in the District will complete and submit an application packet by January 10th.  The packet and timeline are available in the School Administration Office. The application should include evidence of each of the following:

  • ƒ    Current enrollment in a state-approved administrative training program.
  • ƒ    Successful completion of core courses required for certification.
  • ƒ    Successful completion of the district Mentor Academy training or other similar program of support for new teachers.
  • ƒ    Successful school experience – minimum 4 years.
  • ƒ    Recommendation from current supervisor.

B. District staff will interview applicants and approve or deny the request.

C.  Approved individuals will meet with the superintendent or designee to identify an appropriate placement and supervising administrator and plan the intern experience. The supervising administrator must have no less than three years of administrative experience.

D. The administrative intern assumes the same conditions of employment as a regular administrator in terms of length of school day, supervision of co-curricular program, staff meetings, and professional development.

E. Release time can be supported only by funds specifically allocated for administrative intern release. The plan for release time, if any, and daily or weekly schedules will be created jointly by the intern and principal in collaboration with the university supervisor and approved by the supervising district administrator.

F. The supervising administrator and the university supervisor share in the supervision of the intern. The supervising administrator maintains responsibility for the student learning and behavior and all required activities and reports. Final decisions regarding the evaluation and grading of the intern rest with the university.


Adopted: 12/4/03
Revised: 06/14/05