Grade 4 - Planning

Which Book Shall I Read Next?

Even selecting a library book can be an opportunity to use the research cycle! Our focus today will be on planning the criteria and the resources that will help you select a great book. But we'll use all the steps of the research process as we go.


Which book shall I check out this week?


What are the criteria that will help you select your library book? Brainstorm with your class.


In this case, gathering information is searching for books. Use OPAC, browse the shelves, ask your friends or librarian for suggestions. Select a couple that look good.


With several books selected, go back to your criteria. Do these books fit all of your criteria? Which one looks like the best book for you?


Make your decision and check out a book!


Do you think you located the best possible resources to answer this question? Where else could you have looked?


Share your great book with a friend, or tell your teacher or librarian why it was so perfect for you!



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