Grade 4 - Gathering

A Day in the Life of the President

Our focus in this activity is on gathering information. However, we still need to use other steps in the research cycle.


The President of the United States has a very big job, with many different activities filling up his day. What is the most important part of the job?


As you complete the activities at this website, be prepared to gather information. Keep a list of the activities that are a part of your day as President. Do you have a Word document open and ready to go?


Here we go! Get ready to be President for a Day! Gather information as you go!


Now look over the list of information that you gathered. Highlight the activities that seem most important.


Decide on the MOST important activity of your day. Be prepared to explain why you feel it is the most important.


Do you think you have enough information to make this decision? If not, what could you do to gather more information?


Share the most important activity of your day with your teacher.



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