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Bellingham Schools Research Investigation

Based on the Research Cycle model for information literacy

And Essential Academic Learning Requirements



Purpose of Online Investigations
The vision of Bellingham School District is that the learning community will be technologically literate life-long learners. Learners will be able to interact successfully in a technological environment to achieve their personal, educational, and workplace goals. They will skillfully use technology to access, retrieve and use information school-wide, community-wide, nationally, and internationally.

The collaborative online investigations were developed in order to meet this vision of technology. The investigations are based on both the Washington State Academic Learning Requirements (EALRS) and the Bellingham Public Schools Essential Student Learning Goals.

The Research Cycle
Good research always begins with a central or essential question based upon a lifelike situation that students may encounter. The goal for students is to make a decision or solve a problem relating to the question posed.

There are many models available for information literacy. Bellingham uses Jamie McKenzie’s Research Cycle as the model for these projects.

The research cycle steps include questioning, planning, gathering, sorting & sifting, synthesizing, evaluating and reporting. Steps of the research cycle are the basis for these online investigations.

Documents, Forms, Rubrics, and Other Resources

Resources for online projects
Teachers may use the following resources to create projects:

Reporting tools for students: 

Assessment Rubrics for all levels:

Other Online Projects that you may wish to use with your students are available at:







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Research modules based on use of the Research Cycle, Module Maker, and ideas in Beyond Technology by Jamie McKenzie.