Bellingham Public Schools

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Alabama Hill Neighborhood

Crown Lane, Rhododendron Way, Niagara Drive, Erie Street, Huron, St. Clair

Texas Street near Superior Street
Vining, Crestline, Niagara Street, Illinois AreaRoosevelt Elementary



Geneva Neighborhood


Lake Whatcom and Coronado

Lakeview and Fremont Area

Cable and Geneva


Oriental, Euclid, Ridgewood LoopLakeway and Oriental, Lakeway and Euclid

Lake Samish Area

All Lake Samish Stops, Manley Road

Gas Station at Exit 246

Lakeway Neighborhood

Raymond and Riley

Lakeway and Raymond
Portal/Morning MistPortal and Lakeway
LakesideEuclid and Lakeway, Electric and Flynn
Clearbrook and ModocLakeway and Clearbrook

Mount Baker Neighborhood
(including King Mountain, Dewey, Van Wyck)

Dewey, Van Wyck Loop


Hannegan and Bakerview

King Mountain, Spring Creek LaneBellingham Covenant Church
Fruitland Drive including Orchard, Lemon Grove and Gilbert StreetTelegraph and James Street
Trickle Creek AreaSunset and Idell
Kramer LaneBakerview and Kramer Lane

Northeast Area

Hillsdale, Gala Loop, Haggin, Brownsille

Britton and Hillsdale
 Emerald Lake WayBritton Road and Emerald Lake Way
 Toad Lake RoadNorthshore and Academy, Britton and Hillsdale
 AcademyNorthshore and Academy
 Northshore (past Y Road)The Forks Restaurant
 Woodlake Britton and Hillsdale
 Britton LoopBritton and Britton Loop  (top close to Emerald Lake)

Northern Heights/Tweed Twenty/Northshore Area

Northern Heights

Britton and Roma
Northridge and SpringlandBarkley and Grace Lane
Tweed TwentyLahti and Britton, Greenville and Britton, Hillspring and Britton
Greenville Drive, Street, Court and PlaceGreenville Drive and Britton

Northwest Area

Wynn Road, Pence, Curtis Road, Marietta

Wynn and Rural Ave, Curtis and Rural, Pence and Rural
Hoff and Van HornRural and Skagit
Country LaneCountry Lane and Hoff, Country Lane and Jones Lane, Country Lane and Bancroft
Bayon and JonesMarine Drive and Jones
Fort Bellingham/Olympic Way/BancroftMarine Drive and Fort Bellingham

Puget Neighborhood/Yew Street Road

Toledo, Puget Loop

Lakeway and Toledo, Pacific View and San Juan
WoodbineYew Street and Woodbine

Samish Neighborhood

40th, Wildwood, Parkhurst


Samish Way and 40th, Samish Way and Ridgemont


Samish and 48th

Governor, Timberlake, Edgefield, Mahonia

South Hill and Yew, Governor and Samish



Samish Way and Ridgemont
Connelly Hill from 34th to 40thHighland Nursing on Samish Way, 30th and Cowgill, Cody and Samish
Ashley, Byron, ConsolidationE. Maple and Lincoln
NevadaNevada and Lakeway

South Hill/Sehome/Happy Valley/Edgemoor


Chestnut and High
LaurelLiberty and Maple
34th and OtisAbbott and Samish Way
Consolidation and 34thSamish Way and Consolidation
Highland Drive, Palm, 15thGarden Street and 14th
Ferry Street32nd and Ferry
Old Samish and 30th StreetFairhaven Parkway and 30th
Edgemoor area south of WillowClark and Willow
Broad and Linden, Lyla LaneClark and Everglade

Sudden Valley
Please note:
Bus will make regular stops along Lake Whatcom Blvd.

Lake Louise Road

Cable and Austin, Sudden Valley Market 
Sudden ValleySudden Valley Market

Snow Routes are also available to search using InfoFinder, click here.