My first blog since going prime time, and I’m looking for feedback.

This question is for both parents and staff: how do you see The Promise in action in our schools?

If you need a refresher on our strategic plan for Bellingham Public Schools, view The Bellingham Promise here.

I look forward to your comments!

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  • My daughter is in Kindergarten at Lowell. I volunteer in her classroom and I’m amazed at the progress the students have made in a few short months. I was somewhat hesitant to have her in all day kindergarten but I’m seeing the benefit daily.

    • Thank you for your comment! We implemented full-day kindergarten in fall 2011 and are seeing the positive impacts of early childhood education throughout our district. This is in part why we are continuing our early entrance kindergarten program, Promise K.

  • It’s great to provide these goals – and even some high-level paths to them. Are these measurements considered, and is there considerations to determine what is bad, average, good or excellent?

  • Can we ditch the pledge of allegiance? It is really weird, and I must say that the god reference bothers me a bit.

    • Hi Ted, thank you for your comment. According to state law (RCW 28A.230.140) appropriate flag exercises are to be held in each classroom at the beginning of the school day, and at the opening of every school assembly. Students may choose not to recite the pledge.

  • My family just moved to Bellingham from Asheville, NC in August. We moved here because of the excellent schools. As a resource and inclusion teacher at both Happy Valley Elementary and Fairhaven Middle School, I see the Bellingham Promise in action everyday. In Shirley Prichard’s 5th grade class students are designing their own 3-D projects and printing them working with the folks from the Foundry (critical thinking, problem solving, innovation). Mrs. Prichard’s students are also creating interactive video presentations based on their animal adaptation research papers with works cited (effective communication)! In Breann Hulford’s 8th grade math class students stidents are particpating in an Amazing Race project working with Pathagorean Theorem (critical thinking and problem solving) and the language arts teachers at Fairhaven Middle School have students working on “This I Believe” essays digging deep into evaluating their values (effective communication, compassion, etc.). These are just examples from last week! The Bellingham Promise truly represents exactly what my family was hoping to find for our son as a learner, and for me as a teacher. I couldn’t be more thrilled with what we are a part of in Bellingham every single day! It truly only takes attending a class to see The Promise in action!

    • Thank you for your thoughtful response. I’m happy to see The Bellingham Promise is alive at Happy Valley and Fairhaven. And welcome to Bellingham, we are glad you are here!

  • One of the biggest areas that I see is the equitable access to resources. The fact that there are no school supplies needed for elementary and all fees for sports and classes at the middle school and high school level is incredible!!! Free dinners and meals in the summers are also another great example of taking care of the whole child.

    • Thanks for sharing. These are some great examples of strides we are making toward creating a free education for all students.