I just sent an email to our staff, families and communities with an update on our facility projects. We are full of gratitude and excitement for our community’s support of our 2013 bond!

To get a full rundown of current projects, please read my message here.

What excites you? What do you have questions about?

I also encourage you to click on the links included in the email/press release to find out more about our advisory group processes and the many staff, students, families and community members, many of whom volunteer their time to help us tackle some big processes and decisions.

Thank you!


Comments (7)

  • I love the work zone cams at Happy Valley and Parkview. It’s exciting to see projects funded by facilities bond being built.

    Thanks for providing the community with an easy way to share in the excitement.

    • I also love the work zone cams! I wish I could be at all of our construction sites every day, but these cameras are the next best thing. Thanks for the feedback!

  • I am a bhs student and I am concerned whether the school has room enough to house options will bhs have to run partly out of portables

    • Thanks for your comment. I completely understand your concerns. We’re working closely with BHS and Options staff, students and families to make sure there is enough room for everyone. A few years back we actually brought in even more students for a year to Bellingham HS when Whatcom MS had their fire. So we have some recent experience with temporarily moving additional students and staff into BHS. We will also be using some portables from the current Options HS to help as well. Thanks for reaching out, and know that we’re taking your concern seriously.

  • Hello Mr. Baker,

    Now that some of the fields have been completed (Squalicum) and others will soon be under construction thanks to the generous bond from the community. I would like to inquire as to when we can expect the fields to be open to the community for recreational activities. I would specifically like to understand when the Squalicum new field track and field facility be open on the week ends and after school. We are (were) very excited about this (and the other) facilities and would like to know when we will have access to those.

    An online schedule would be fantastic (as they keep with Arne Hanna).

    • hi “Excited and Eager citizen,” thanks for the question. I’m happy to tell you that Squalicum’s field and track is now available for the public! Folks may use it during non-school hours. All organized/team use must be scheduled prior to use, but the wrinkle (as of March 7, 2017) is that we’re currently finalizing our processes for field rentals and scheduling group practices, but we hope to have it done in the coming weeks. You can call 676-6500 for more information about rental inquiries. I hope that helps and thanks for the question. By the way – we’re holding an informational meeting about use of Bellingham Public Schools’ fields for community sports groups at 6 p.m. on March 20 at the district office, in case you’re interested in attending!

      • Thank you for your prompt reply, and I look forward to going to Squalicum track and field to do some running…