Happy second week of school!

One of our principals (thanks Meagan!) emailed me some first day quotes (see below) and it’s inspired me to ask you to send me your favorite back to school quotes.

I look forward to reading your quotes and comments.


From Meagan Dawson, Kulshan Middle School principal.


From a kindergartner: “I can’t believe I made it to kindergarten. It went by so fast.”


From a sixth grader: “I already got my first zit before I even showed up here.”


Principal: “Your schedules are available here by Last Name.”

Sixth grader: “By the last letter of my Last Name?”

Principal: “Um, no, by the first letter of your Last Name.”

Sixth grader: “Glad I asked.”

Comments (14)

  • My second grader was excited to start school when she went to orientation. The first morning her excited faded, and we asked why. “Because I remembered that it lasts all year long!”

  • My kindergartener’s response when asked about how they liked kindergarten: “Great, we got two recesses and I didn’t even get sent to the principal’s office!”

    • Sounds like a positive first day! Tell your kindergartner to keep that ratio of recesses to the office going!

  • On the first morning of kindergarten when his teacher announced that it was time for the families to leave, my son said “finally I’ll be free of my parents!”

  • Quick story: I taught in Africa in an orphanage in Nairobi Kenya over the summer. One of the coolest things the kids did when we enter the classroom was stand and welcome the teacher. I spoke to my racquet sport class about possibly greeting me this way everyday but not with great enthusiasm?

  • One of my 3rd graders to me: “You talk just like my last year’s teacher and you smell like her too.” Me: “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Student: “It’s a good thing!” Me: “What do I smell like?” (me bracing myself…..student takes a big whiff….) Student: “You smell like beautiful flowers.” (Phew!)

  • One of our 5th graders helpfully figures out for a staff member that the staff member should be in the 44th grade!

    • Thanks for sharing, Ms. Heimsoth! Glad to hear Sunnyland is off to a great start. I wonder what grade I would be in?

  • The few weeks leading up to school my kindergartener started talking about what it was like in heaven. Are there toys? Will I see my friends? She was saying she didn’t want to go to school so she was just going to stay home and play ABCmouse instead. Her dad and I were confused why she was asking about that type of thing. After a few conversations I understood why. I’d been telling people how “heavenly” it was going to be when the kids were back in school. So she took that to mean she was going to heaven when school started. Whoops.
    We got that all cleared up thankfully 😂😂 she absolutely loves kindergarten.