• Add a higher education partner to Community Transitions to enhance the experiences of our students who are ages 18-21 and finished with traditional high school experience
  • Provide authentic opportunities for adult students to engage with their same age (college) peers while continuing to meet IDEA requirements of serving students until age 21 if appropriate.

Basis for Establishment:

  • Currently, students (18-21) who have completed the traditional high school experience participate in our CT program located on the campus of Bellingham High School. The current location of this program is singularly based on the availability of space at the BHS facility and does not reflect the district’s desire to serve students based on their age and college age developmental level.
  • Provide a forum for stakeholder input regarding the location and philosophy of the program.
  • Research different 18-21 programs that are located on a higher ed campus and gather input regarding the pros and cons of each

Decision-Making Process:

  • No formal decisions will be made
  • This will be a recommending body
  • Recommendations will be made based on research, discussion and group consensus

Plan of Work:

  • Visit or call with specific (common set of) questions
    • Highline program
    • Shoreline program
    • Skagit Valley College
    • Idaho
  • Meet with college partners
    • WWU Gail Coulter, Dean of Special Education
    • WCC
  • Series of 3 meetings to vision
    • Meeting 1 – Roundtable café’, ½ day, next steps, planning visits
    • Meeting 2 – Reporting on visits, planning, timelines, recommendations
    • Meeting 3 – Final discussion and recommendation, determine timeline, bring in Transportation, Food Service, Facilities representation (Simone Sangster)


  • Bethany Verner, Asst. Director Special Education
  • Steve Rogers, CT Administrator
  • Dominique Lantagne, Teacher, CT
  • Liz Madden, Teacher, CT
  • Brett Evans, Teacher, CT
  • Prateek Dutta, Doctoral Resident
  • Former or current CT parent
  • Former or current CT student
  • Mike Copland, Deputy Superintendent
  • Mike Haberman, Director, Special Education


  • Commit to three 3 hour meetings
  • Commit to site visit(s)
  • Prepare notes and presentation about site visit(s) to committee


  • Gather committee members by Nov. 3, 2016
  • Meeting 1 – Week of Nov. 14, 9 AM – 12 PM – Minutes
  • Meeting 2 – December 8, 9 AM – 12 PM – Minutes
  • Meeting 3 – January 19, 9 AM – 12 PM – Minutes

Budget Implications:

  • Impact on budget would need to be determined prior to budget hearings in the first week of March
    • Facility
    • Transportation