Purpose: A general advisory council (GAC) provides direction and guidance to administrators and teachers for the entire Career and Technical Education ( CTE) program offered by a district. This type of advisory group is usually formed at the secondary level to serve skills centers and high schools.

Basis for Establishment: To advise program director and teachers on improvements to CTE programs linking to career readiness in the following pathways: Business & Marketing/ Skilled and Technical Sciences STEM/ Agriculture & Family and Consumer Science/Health Sciences.

Decision-Making Process: The guidance and advice of local advisory council members helps ensure students are learning the most current skills needed in the workplace.

Plan of Work:

  • Review annual CTE goals
  • Support courses in advisory pathways / mentoring or direction
  • Evaluate effectiveness of CTE programs with Program Evaluation Rubric.


  • GAC Chair: Craig Lang, professional writer
  • Jeff Tetrick, CTE Director & Co-chair
  • Steve Addison, Bellingham Technical College
  • Danny Bennett, Whatcom Goodwill
  • David Bren, Washington Polytechnic Institute
  • Priscilla Brotherton, Re-Sources
  • Brandi Civico, Phillips 66
  • Carla Conforto, WorkSource
  • Jill Davishahl, Western Washington University
  • Pat Draper, Community member/Culinary sub
  • Robert Dyer, Pacific Injection Molding Corp.
  • Rachel Garcia, WorkSource
  • Danny Gusukuma, Alcoa Intalco Works
  • Katherine Hendricks, Community member/sub/BPS volunteer
  • Dana Hickenbottom, Western Solar
  • Luke Holtgeerts, Veritas Media Productions
  • Michael Jay, Educational Systemics, Inc.
  • Gil Lund, Fives Lund LLC
  • Brian Merris, Exxel Pacific General Contractors
  • Lin Nelson, Whatcom Business Alliance
  • Guy Occhiogrosso, Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Cynthia Pierre, BP
  • Laura Plaut, Common Threads Farm
  • Kevin Smeall, Ershigs
  • Martin Spencer, Marlin Engineering, Inc.
  • CTE teachers and staff


  • Provide information on expanding/improving programs
  • Support partnerships between business/industry/community & education
  • Make recommendations that will strengthen CTE curriculum
  • Evaluate programs with Director assistance

Timeline: One Fall GAC Meeting and one Spring meeting.

Budget Implications: Transparency with GAC on goals with federal and state funds.