• In partnerships with teachers, we will be working to align systems related to first grade that may include curriculum, assessments and supports.

Basis for establishment:

  • Develop consistency of support for teachers.
  • Align instructional practices and assessment in implementation of high quality first grade classrooms.

Decision-making process:

  • Recommending group to the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Plan of work:

  • Identify specific needs of students.
  • Analyze current and best practices.
  • Develop a recommendation for communication with first grade teachers and leadership support and a plan for district communication.
  • Share recommendations (initial and long-term) with superintendent, executive team, Department of Teaching and Learning.


  • 10-12 members
  • Kristi Dominguez (facilitator/chair)
  • Early Learning Specialist, Nina Ballew
  • BEA Union representative, Lisa Peterson
  • Elementary building administrator(s)
    • Julie van Wijk, Cordata
    • Mylo Allen, Parkview
    • Stephanie Korn, Dept of Teaching and Learning
  • First grade teachers from both title (*) and non-title schools
    • Cami Burfeind, Sunnyland
    • Julie Sargent O’Connell, Geneva
    • Julie Johnson, Parkview
    • Kelly Morgan, Birchwood *
    • Morgan Massey, Parkview
    • Sarah Rose, Alderwood *
    • Michelle Hornof, Cordata *
    • Rachel Roeder, Carl Cozier *
    • Kelly Glynn, Carl Cozier *
  • Literacy specialist(s)
    • Brian Pahl, Ed tech Birchwood and Sunnyland

Meetings: Group meets 3 to 4:15 p.m. in room 212 at the District Office.

Budget implications:

  • None anticipated