Purpose(s)/Goal: The Bellingham Promise and the implementation of the new high school schedule will enhance the experiences of high school students and support us in developing a shared vision for an innovative high school program that is exciting, compelling and engaging for students.  “We collectively commit that our students… will graduate from our schools prepared for success in the global community… and ready for the widest range of educational and vocational options….”

Basis for Establishment: 

In an effort to improve student’s academic success, health, and elective options, Bellingham Public Schools plans to adjust bell times and implement a new high school schedule beginning in fall 2017.

2017-18 H.S. Day

8:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. (6.75 hours)

2017-18  Schedule

4X8 (four periods/day X eight periods/sem.)

Decision-Making Process and Timeline:

  • Review work plan and progress.
  • Surface potential implementation issues and advise staff through discussion.
  • Prepare a summary report and recommendations for Executive Team and Superintendent Greg Baker by the end of first semester of the 2016-17 school year.

Plan of Work:

Regular Members

  • 4 high school principals:
    • Linda Miller – Bellingham High School
    • Byron Gerard – Options High School
    • Michelle Kuss-Cybula – Sehome High School
    • James Everett – Squalicum High School
  • 2 high school assistant principals:
    • Jeanette Grisham, Bellingham High School
    • Marty Atkins, Sehome High School
  • 2 high school teachers from each high school:
    • Scott Smartt, Bellingham
    • Sarah Spitzer, Bellingham
    • Leslie Adamson, Options
    • Kirstin Doud, Sehome
    • Sonia Bell, Sehome
    • Alan Doud, Squalicum
    • David Kish, Squalicum
  • 2 parents:
    • Judith Pitton, Sehome
    • Holly Miller, Kulshan
  • 3 students:
    • Jace Taylor, Bellingham
    • Eric Newcomer, Sehome
    • Carl Peterson, Squalicum
  • 1 school registrar:
    • Robin Montague, Squalicum
  • All high school counseling department chairs:
    • Sharon Gilbert, Bellingham
    • Hana Schutz, Sehome
    • Aramis Johnson, Squalicum
  • Special education teacher:
    • Mary Lippiatt
  • Technology/Skyward liaison:
    • Katie McGrew
    • Jill Green
  • 2 Directors of Teaching and Learning:
    • Charisse Berner
    • Keith Schacht
  • Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Mike Copland
  • Assistant Superintendent, Steve Clarke
  • Communications and Community Relations Representative, Jacqueline Brawley
  • CTE Director, Jeff Tetrick
  • Co-Chairs, Jeannie Hayden and Steve Clarke


  • Attend all meetings and work sessions.
  • Work collaboratively with group members.

Budget Implications:

  • Include budget implications as part of the recommendations to the superintendent.