• Participate in a middle school program review and adoption process for grades 6-8 NGSS aligned Science materials.

Basis for Establishment:

  • Establish a program of instruction aligned to the 2013 Washington State Learning Standards in Science (aka Next Generation Science Standards).

Decision-Making Process:

  • Advisory group to the superintendent
  • Recommend science materials for grades 6-8

Plan of Work:

  • Convene committee, establish timeline and tasks to identify instructional resources for science instruction in grades 6-8.
  • The committee will take into consideration:
  • Students with disabilities, English Learners, Students who are identified as highly capable,
  • Open educational resources
  • Alignment to state standards including the three dimensional nature of the new standards
  • Technology use and integration with 1:1 in mind
  • Assessment
  • Recent research in best practices in science instruction
  • Feedback from staff, students and parents


  • Patricia Kadel, ELL Specialist
  • Lynnelle Larson, Educational Technology Coach
  • Meagan Dawson,  Kulshan Middle School Principal
  • Parent/community member: Marit Olson, Doug Stark, Andrew Rodrigues, Don Burgess
  • 6th grade teachers: Mike Finley, Fairhaven; Megan Butcher, Kulshan; Beth Insera, Shuksan; Nicole Brown, Whatcom
  • 7th grade teachers: James Fegel, Fairhaven; Laurie Mueller, Kulshan; Will Middlebrooks, Shuksan; Sam Stoner, Whatcom
  • 8th grade teachers: Miguel Boriss, Fairhaven; Julie Bennett, Kulshan; Alli Neils-LeMoine, Shuksan; Chad Wertz, Whatcom
  • Committee facilitated by Charisse Berner and Sarah Walker
  • Ex-officio: Mike Copland, Deputy Superintendent


  • Attend meetings (9:00 AM-3:30PM)
  • Actively participate as a representative of your stakeholder group including sharing feedback and collecting information as needed


  • November 21    Clarify process/timelines, establish norms, finalize statement of vision and philosophy aligned to the Bellingham Promise, establish screening criteria
  • December 5 Begin screening materials
  • January 9 Continue to screen materials, identify no more than 3 semi-finalists, create staff, student, community feedback form
  • February 13  Publisher presentations and continue deliberations
  • March 20    Examine semi-finalists using concept trace and consider staff and community feedback
  • April 11   Final recommendations for materials. Complete IMC paperwork
  • April 24   PD planning and implementation details.

Note: some tasks will be fluid and iterative between meetings.

Budget Implications:

  • Substitute reimbursement for staff committee members to meet
  • Budget to purchase materials and provide professional development support

April 24, 2018

A team of staff, families and community members has been working to review science curriculum for grades six through eight. Please see minutes linked below outlining an overview of our committee meetings.  After a thorough review, the advisory has recommended Amplify Science for our middle schools. You can learn more about the curriculum below:

Grades 6-8 Curriculum RecommendationAmplify Science

After reviewing the input from the community and staff, the recommendation will be finalized and presented to the superintendent for approval. Implementation is planned for fall 2018. Watch for additional information in the fall on the outcomes of the recommendation and the final implementation timeline and plan.